AUA Distinguished Alumni Awards

AUA Distinguished Alumna 2018

Mane Tandilyan, MBA, 2002

Mane Tandilyan got her Bachelor in Pedagogy from the History Department of Armenian State Pedagogical University after Kh. Abovyan, and her Master of Business Administration from the American University of Armenia. She held positions of Financial Analyst and Chief Accountant at Garni Investment and Development, Hovnanian International LLC, Mentor Graphics Development Services. Mane worked as Deputy Financial Director at Synopsys Armenia for about 8 years. She became an active participant of “Դեմ եմ” (I’m against) movement to prevent adopting the mandatory cumulative pension system. In 2015, became a Co-founder of “Լուսավոր Հայաստան”(Bright Armenia) political party. According to its ideological basis and the program during three years the party suggested a new political agenda, new creative and innovative mechanisms of communication with the society. Mane became a Member of the Parliament. She is the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs since May 2018, and works hard to shape new policies in this important field, initiates public discussions on vital social security issues, including but not limited to the cumulative pension system.


AUA Distinguished Alumnus 2017

Gagik Gyulbudaghyan, ME IESM, 1994


AUA Distinguished Alumnus 2016

Hovhannes Avoyan, M PSIA, 1995


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