How to Prepare for an Interview

The first step to prepare for an interview is to research the organization and the job as much as possible. Search the Internet. Talk to contacts. Review the organization’s products. Also, find out how many people will interview you and if they will be in succession or in groups.

At the same time, you need to spend time thinking about you. What are your priorities, values, interests, and strengths? What are the most relevant items within those categories for this particular job and organization? For every skill or type of experience the organization seeks, have two or three examples or anecdotes as to how you have demonstrated the skill or experience. Tie your examples to the organization to make an even stronger case. Also, think about the types of questions you will have for the interviewers. You should have questions, but not just for the sake of having questions. You should have questions that need to be answered to help you make the most informed decision you can when considering the job opportunity.

The next step is to practice. Review the sample questions below and have answers for each one. Don’t memorize your answers, but know how you would address each one in multiple ways to ensure you mention all the relevant aspects of your experience and cover all the items they seek. It helps to practice out loud. You can also ask a friend to interview you.


Common Interview Questions