Our Mission

The mission of the Alumni and Career Development Office is to develop, coordinate and promote programs for AUA alumni, to keep them connected and involved with AUA and one another, and to create a culture of philanthropy by encouraging alumni to contribute their time, talent, and resources to the advancement of the University.

The Career Development function of the Alumni and Career Development Office is to contribute to the career achievements of AUA graduates through enhancing their job finding skills. As well as to provide job placement services to alumni and to develop strong and tangible links between employers and the University to support and assist alumni in their professional development.

The American University of Armenia was the first university in Armenia which established the Alumni and Career Development Office. It was a unique case in our region in 1994. Today, the AUA alumni community, comprised of around 4,000 individuals located all over the world, continues to make significant and distinctive contributions to society in a variety of fields.