Alumni Scholarship Endowment Fund

AUA Alumni Scholarship Endowment Fund was established by class of 1993 on occasion of their 20th anniversary of graduation in 2013. Since then the following reunion classes made their contributions to this fund on the occasion of their 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th anniversaries. Started with $35,000 the market value of the fund is $146,410 as of August 2018. The generous donations of our alumni made it possible to support the education of AUA students with outstanding performance. We are happy to inform that 8 students selected by AUA Financial Aid Committee have already received the scholarships from Alumni Scholarship Endowment fund. The list is available below:   


Visit here to watch the film about AUA Alumni Scholarship Endowment Fund 


Academic Year / Scholarship Recipients

2014-2015                             Armen Pirumyan, MBA ’16

2015-2016                             Inessa Petrosyan, MA TEFL ’17

2016-2017                             Anna Zohrabyan, MBA ’17

2016-2017                             Tigran Tsaturyan, BAB ’19

2016- 2017, 2017- 2018         Lusine Snkhchyan, BAB ’18

2017- 2018, 2018-2019         Eduard Hovhannisyan, BAB ’20

2017- 2018, 2018-2019         Liana Minasyan, BS CS ’20

2018-2019                            Anush Abrahamyam, BAB ’21

AUA is strong with its alumni. Your engagement with and dedication to the university is greatly appreciated. Support for education is truly one of the most important and influential gifts that can be given. Education has a transforming effect, not only on the students and their families but on the entire community and nation. We are sure that with our alumni’s continuous kind support this fund will grow further and will allow many more students with outstanding performance benefit from it. 


The List of Alumni Who Donated to Alumni Scholarship Endowment Fund in 2013-2018


Did you know that global publications look at alumni giving percentages to determine rankings for colleges and universities? The more support AUA receives, the higher its ranking becomes. In turn, a degree from AUA becomes more prestigious.

When you contribute, you inspire others – prospective students, foundations, corporations,

and other potential donors – to take notice.

You are not only showing your support; You are encouraging others to do the same.

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